Ultramarin is one of the leading crew agencies in Latvia

Ultramarin SIA was founded in Riga in 2009. Company founders hold crewing experience from 2003 and seagoing experience in senior officers position. Crew management and related processes are our main business. Our philosophy is in individual approach to each client, based on that we provide best quality-price ratio services with emphasis on quality.

Private Business

The fact that we are independent company enables us to provide high-grade services to each client invidiually. We treat each client as self-sufficient entity with it's exclusive crew pool maintained.



 We aim to put the right person in the right place at the right time with a high retention rate.


Our mission is to provide best services to our clients for a reasonable price


Efficiency, Commitment, Expertise


Albatross with Ralph Coffman @ Area 6 AERIAL xxxxii - 04.11.2015

Our mission

With approximately 13000 active seafarers in Latvia and even larger amount in Russia and Ukraine we are able to cover a wide variety of modern shipping industry demands.

Since the beginning our company is ever growing and is proud to have a team of experienced and skilled staff ashore. With a blend of educated, experienced (both seagoing and crew management) and motivated people we are always ready to provide best service and approach.

Wide Network

Our main recruiting source is Latvian seafarers, who have been known for their skills and experience in oil/chemical/gas sector, as well as other high sophisticated shipping sectors. In order to  strengthen our  positions in the  market we have  established a  network of our own  subagents in Russia and Ukraine  giving us an  access to huge Former Soviet Union seafarers’ pool.