Being one of industry leaders is an advantage, but is also a burdain of responsibility. By supporting various communities, youth and events we can drive industry further ahead. We strive to support maritime industry and community thus helping us to develop ourselves.

International Maritime Sport Community (IMSC)

IMSC is a volunteer-based organization, and it aims to make a wide range of maritime nations and cultures even more united and to bring a culture of active and healthy lifestyle to all of seafarers, people working in maritime industry, as well as their families. An active/healthy lifestyle is a joint social responsibility, and our aim is to bring this to maritime professionals all over the world. Everything, what is done by IMSC comes from our hearts and souls, therefore is absolutely free of charge for the members and their families.


ENKURS is  maritime industry comptetition/event for high school absolvents organized by Latvian Maritime Administration and industry representatives.

It's a great opportunity for younger generation to get acquainted with maritime industry before choosing their carrier path.